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Adventures at Moraine Lake

Valley of the Ten Peaks

I had a rather unfortunate accident on the hike to where this was taken. The Rock Pile (a big rock pile that forms part of the moraine that you can hike up and that is where most of the famous pictures are taken from) was closed for trail upgrading or something, so we took the trail to Consolation Lakes hoping to get to the other side of the Rock Pile. We followed the trail till we came to a rock slide. We hiked up the rock slide until we arrived where this shot was taken.

When we first got there, I set my water down on one of the big boulders (all the rocks were huge) and stood on top of it to take a picture. My water slipped off and into a crack. The top of this rock was about two feet higher than where my water had fallen. I stepped down and I’m not really sure what happened. It may have been that the rock I stepped to wasn’t stable, or I could have stepped on a log that snapped. Either way, I fell. I managed to smack my knee on a rock, throw my camera up in the air and then land on my back on the sharp edge of a boulder below. It hurt, a lot, but I was okay. My friends that I was with came over and were asking if I was okay and if I had broken anything. The first thing I said was “how is the camera?” My cousin from Australia, Dean, went over and picked it up and said it looked fine. I asked about the lense and he brought it over and showed me. It was perfectly fine.

I had thrown it up in the air and then it had crashed back down into the boulders and there wasn’t even a scratch on it. I wish I could say the same about me. I thought for sure that something would have broken. It’s a pretty tough camera.

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5 Responses to “Adventures at Moraine Lake”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I can’t believe you let go of your camera. You must not really love it…

  2. John Says:

    Glad to know you weren’t hurt even worse than it could have been.

    You might want to give your camera another look over (which I’m sure you did). While the lens may have not cracked, and the camera seems fine, something may have been jarred loose or have small, unnoticeable fractures. Good thing it didn’t smash, though.

  3. Lorna Steeves Says:

    This is why a person should have the strap around their neck, or maybe that would have been worse. Great picture though.

  4. Tamara Says:

    Hey Joel! So, two things: firstly, my blog (which was down for most of the summer) has changed addresses, so if you want to change your link, the new address is Also, found this wandering around and it reminded me of you: Hope your year’s going well so far :).

  5. B Says:

    so was the consolation lake of any… consolation?

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