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My External HDD Experiance

Last Friday was my grad class’s fashion show. It was a 007 James Bond theme, which was really cool. Anyway, I was in charge of a lot of the technical stuff, but mostly the video. See, we had James Bond clips in between each performance, which actually worked out quite well. They were a great transition. Anyway, I had to rip the scenes from the movies, then chop them down and add fades etc. I had this all stored on my Maxtor OneTouch III 300GB hard drive, the project files, the original scenes, the new clips, everything. The Thursday before the event, Amy and I were remaking all the store names and I started to get suspicious of my drive. I had always been a little suspicious of it because it didn’t always work and what not. Well, I thought that it would be better if I had all the clips on my internal hard drive, so I started freeing up space. I needed 15GB, and I had no more than 2 GB free. I know, I know I have a lot of crap. I started deleting and got it up to around 6 GB free. I really didn’t want to delete my pictures, but I couldn’t find another way around it. I backed them all up to my iPod just in case and them deleted them. This brought me up to the required 15 GB. Friday afternoon rolled around, the afternoon before the fashion show. I started to transfer the clips and got them all. Whew, a big sigh of relief.

That nice stress-free feeling didn’t last long. I had made the order into a playlist in iTunes and was just going to do it all through iTunes. I switched the location of all the files and was ready to roll. I proceeded to watch some of the clips and it was then that my stress level skyrocketed. The clips were extremely choppy and definitely unwatchable. I tried copying one of the worst ones again. It turned out the same. I was really freaking out. I thought for sure that the clips were ruined and I was done for. I tried many different things, all with the same result. I tried to phone Amy and Hailey to ask how they would feel if there just wasn’t video. I really didn’t want it to come to that, but I was preparing for the worst. I tried some more things, each with the same stupid result. My hair was coming out in chunks now. I then thought to myself that if I could open the project files and remake the movies, except go straight to my internal drive, I might be able to recreate them. I tried that with the same output settings as I had originally had. Same result. I then tried just High Quality. It worked.

Now I just had to go through and redo all the video clips in the new format. I was a little scared that my hdd would crash at any second. I slowly got them all remade and was very happy. It was then that my next problem appeared. I opened up iTunes and my library was gone. I was able to recover most of it, minus about 200 songs (of which I mostly got back now). I had lost all my playlists and everything. I would have to start my Fashion Show playlist again. I realized that iTunes doesn’t like .dv files, and then started to stress again. What was I going to use? I decided to try VLC and found it had a playlist function. I was saved. I recreated my playlist, this time in VLC and was now ready to roll.

I rushed down to the school, as I was supposed to be there 2 hours earlier and quicky set up and tested everything. It worked great, in fact, it looked better than it had before the fiasco. Fashion Show went off without any major hitches. One group was a little late, but other than that it was phenomenal.

Well, I know this is pretty long, but whatever. Oh, and I was pretty mad at my hdd because it meant that I would lose 300 GB of stuff. I have now recovered most of the important stuff and it is still under warranty. I’m going to get everything off that I can, then ship it back to them for a replacement. I ran a diagnostics test and it says it is toast but that it is a manufacturer’s defect. Hopefully, I will get it back ASAP because I need it. I depend on it.

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5 Responses to “My External HDD Experiance”

  1. lahni Says:

    So, you didn’t really get a haircut the day before. You just lost it all to the stress!
    And your clips did look great, and they were a perfect transition. Last year we all just had to sit there waiting and people starting talking and never really stopped even when the groups came out.

  2. Jack Says:

    That must have sucked – I just came back from a discussion about failing hard drives before I read this entry… which was spurred on by a failed Maxtor One-Touch… is it me, or is the reliability of Maxtor’s externals not too great?

    I myself am on a search for a new external… my plan is to get a new 250gb internal just for storage – my main hard-dive is 250gb and has no partner. Once I get a new internal, the main drive will be dedicated to OS installs. That way if it fails, I just lose my OS, not important stuff.

    Glad your fashion show went off without a hitch – our school had ours a few weeks back… I didn’t go. I had more work to do that my urge to procrastinate was not great enough to keep me from doing it.

  3. Jamie Says:

    Just throw it out the window – that’s what I do when my computer frustrates me…or at least, that’s how it happens in my mind…

  4. maple Says:

    I would, but I don’t think it would help much. That thing is such a brick that it would probably hit the ground and survive.

  5. maple’s.fortunes » Blog Archive » 3 & 1/2 Months Later... Says:

    […] this? Yeah, fun times eh? Well, I put in a warranty claim and it was accepted and I was told to ship it […]

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